Photographer Kim Nguyen and journalist Putsata Reang both fled conflicts in their native countries as children. In 2013, they returned to Southeast Asia to support journalists in their efforts to expand freedom of expression. Read more—>

From Activist to Author to Hollywood Hero: The Ms. Q&A with Loung Ung

In 1975, when war and genocide burst through Cambodia, Loung Ung was a 5-year-old girl scrambling-like seven million others-to stay enough steps ahead of starvation, exhaustion, disease and the ever scornful eyes of Communist Khmer Rouge cadre, bent on slaughter, to survive. The line between life and death during Cambodia's "killing fields" was razor thin.

At Sea, and Seeking a Safe Harbor

Modern Love This past December, after not talking to me for several months, my mother called from her rural Oregon home. I listened from Seattle as she offered updates on cousins in Cambodia, inventoried her latest aches and pains, and noted my father's failing memory.